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The near-universal business concerns about IT security breaches and digital threats to networks and intellectual property have created unprecedented demand for skilled cyber professionals, with nearly 300,000 cyber job openings across the U.S. Mercyhurst’s online master’s programs in Cyber Security or Cyber Risk Management equip you with the sought-after skills to manipulate and analyze data, protect computer networks and monetize cyber risk to enter these in-demand fields.

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Two leading programs

Cyber Security prepares you to analyze cyber threats to computer systems, networks and networked devices, and protect those systems from cyber attacks. You’ll also learn to evaluate the legal, regulatory and ethical issues related to cyber security and privacy, and effectively communicate complex cyber security information.

Cyber Risk Management integrates traditional elements of risk management with cutting-edge science in big data and cyber security, providing you with the skills to assess and mitigate cyber risks and protect intellectual property. Coursework highlights the technical, legal and business aspects of cyber risk management.

A curriculum for working professionals

The Cyber Security and Cyber Risk Management curricula are designed with working professionals in mind. You’ll never take more than one class at a time, and you’ll earn your master’s in two years.

As a student in one of these programs, you’ll take courses such as

Degree Completion Plans

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One Course Per 8-Week Term

No GRE/GMAT Required

Coursework introduces the security aspects of systems, covering the concepts of access control, authentication, secure communication and audit, virtualization, software security and more.

CIS 565

Systems & Application Security

Learn to identify and assess a firm’s risks and opportunities, and analyze how companies can use Enterprise Risk Management systematically to advance business objectives.

RMGT 550

Enterprise Risk Management

Explore the national and international legal issues concerning cyber space, including crimes, rights and liabilities, fraud, information privacy and digital rights.

CIS 564

Cyber Law & Policy

Professionals in high demand

There’s never been a better time to pursue the specialized skill sets of a Cyber Security or Cyber Risk Management professional. Demand for cyber professionals is skyrocketing while supply is low. A master’s from Mercyhurst will help you close the talent gap.

Cyber security job openings (cyberseek.org)

IT security job growth by 2024 (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Worth of the cyber security market by 2022 (Markets and Markets)



$232 billion

As the nation’s leader in intelligence education at the university level, Mercyhurst has the learning resources, experienced professionals and industry connections to prepare you to defend valuable digital assets in a cyber career.

Mercyhurst’s Ridge College of Intelligence Studies and Applied Sciences has thousands of alumni around the world, working in every U.S. intelligence agency and dozens of Fortune 500 companies.

“We understand the importance of staying on the cutting edge of the rapidly changing intelligence, cyber and data fields, and our programs are constantly evolving to keep up with new and emerging information security threats.”

Duncan McGill, Ph.D.

Dean, Ridge College of Intelligence Studies & Applied Sciences

The Mercyhurst Intelligence Advantage

All cyber master’s students will have the opportunity to experience an on-campus intensive in Mercyhurst’s state-of-the-art cyber lab and networks operation center. A joint venture with national cyber firm MCPc, this facility provides opportunities for experience working to meet the cyber needs of actual businesses and organizations.

Cyber lab intensive

Guided Learning
Courses are carefully planned to build sequentially on previous concepts, ensuring you make progress and stay on track to master the program material. 

Classroom Engagement
Your online experience includes opportunities to interact with classmates and professors in real time through applied projects, review sessions and presentations. 

Student Resources
You’ll be a full Mercyhurst student, with the same access to the university’s amenities, library system, writing center, career services, health center, etc., as an on-campus student.

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